Christianity and Climate Change

From the beginning we were commanded to subdue and have dominion over the earth, and with this comes the necessity of responsibility. In the Garden of Eden, Adam was to tend the garden, that is to take care of it, and this same calling still applies to us today. Just as we are called to take care of our bodies, so are we to take care of the earth. Each of us are called to take responsibility and conduct ourselves properly as caretakers of this earth that God has blessed us with by simply recycling more, driving less and walking more, using less electricity within our homes and finding more sustainable means of energy.

Much of what we have seen over the course of time with climate change is part natural and part artificial. Some of the damage that has incurred is due to the greed of the human heart by detrimentally impacting the environment in exchange for financial gain. I am not proposing that we make radical changes as proposed by much of the extreme left, but improvements by companies to cut back on carbon emissions and toxic waste while not impacting the lively hood of individuals is a great place to start.

Reducing the amount of trees cut down and rather utilize hemp for paper products and other materials. Utilizing more solar and wind power and cutting back on nuclear power plants. The list is endless and the benefits of sustainability for future generations of utmost value.

-Michael Thacker

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