The Pride of The Modern Church

Much of the issue that we find within the church as well as throughout society as a whole today is rooted within pride. Here, hatred and envy manifest themselves ultimately producing division and exile. We see churches and other groups gather together in an almost cultish manner while others seeking acceptance feeling excluded and alienated.

A once open and welcoming house of God has become a gathering place of narcissist. Too often the same story comes my way of people attending churches seeking fellowship, and yet go in only to feel hostility coming their way with most of it stemming from the conception of the exclusion of anyone that was seen as different or deemed unworthy to fit within the church’s ideal.

Jesus dealt with the same types in His day as the scribes and pharisee’s were lifted up in pride and looked down upon the “unclean” of society. The only way to function properly within and outside the church is by letting go of pride and rather seek to live as Christ did; Love, be kind and help build each other up.

-Michael Thacker

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