Trial, Error And Growth

Trial and error are apart of growth. As we grow throughout life, we should learn from our mistakes and come to minimize them, and that is true wisdom. In the book of Proverbs it speaks about how a wise man will continue to learn, and that though he would fall seven times, he would get back up and continue pressing on.

Paul spoke about this same idea in Philippians when addressing how he was not perfect, but continued to press on to the higher calling of God. One key aspect of living a meaningful life and learning and growing is to aim high, looking to Christ as our ideal while remaining humble, knowing that we are only human and are prone to mistakes.

I also think one of the biggest issue hindering many people from growing today is rooted within perfectionism. Too many put too much pressure on themselves to be perfect, and ultimately fail under the pressure. The Pharisees practiced perfectionism and Jesus condemned them.

In order to grow properly we must not force the growth as perfectionist do, but rather do our best to live out the characteristics of Christ within our lives; loving others, forgiving others as well as ourselves, helping others, etc. The more we put to practice these qualities and the more we focus on learning from our mistakes, the more of an abundant life that Jesus spoke about we will live.

-Michael Thacker

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