Re-Examining Goals

New Year’s is upon us, and so is the traditional necessity for resolutions, or goals which brings about the demand of re-examination. A constant re-examination of the goals you have set is essential for success and growth. Although we seek a linear path to our desired outcome, more than often we find ourselves meandering our way there.

Re-examining your goals causes you to move the point of destination according to what you have learned along the pathway. The knowledge accumulated along the way can be utilized to better understand yourself and what it is you really desire, and from there adjust your desired goals and aspirations accordingly.

Goals are not fixed and restricted entities set high up in the heavens, but rather adaptive points of reference that guide you accordingly. Let this New Year’s resolutions, and others, not be rigid constraints that have a totalitarian control over your life, but rather allow the knowledge and wisdom accumulated throughout this year guide you to where you really desire to be.

-Michael Thacker

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