Precision Of Belief

When Jesus spoke the parable about the sower going out and sowing seeds He instantiated the concept of that of faith and works. When we receive the Word of God and it is seeded deep within our being, it should produce an effect of transforming our mode of being into that of an imitation of Christ Himself.

When we receive the Word and believe, we then should be a reflection of Christ, not only in deed, but in works too, making a lasting impact wherever we go. This is the responsibility of the Christian life with the same notion being echoed in the book of James in which he speaks about faith and works complimenting each other as you cannot have one without the other. This notion is true in all aspects of being itself, for when we claim that we believe something, and yet do not live it out, how then can we make such claims?

Belief is a powerful tool with immense implications whether it be good or evil. We can examine this notion through the radical ideologies that are promoted on both the right and left of the political spectrum today. When someone believes that their ideology is correct, they can become easily possessed by them, and ultimately make an impact that is often rooted in corruption.

This leads us back to the idea of belief within a Christian aspect which thankfully is not an ideology, but it is truth itself. We should become so possessed by the Word and Holy Spirit itself that we go out into the world and produce fruit up to a hundred fold. Of course, I am not claiming to be possessed by a creed of some sort as this in and of itself is just an ideology. But, we should be filled with the Spirit, and from there let the works be done through us and a lasting impact be thoroughly established within those we meet and society as a whole.

Christ is the only hope in healing the corruption of this world and we are called to be His beacons of light, so we must be precise in what we mean when we claim to believe. The best way to come the full realization of your current mode of being is to reflect, pray and study. Now is the best time as tomorrow is but wishful thinking.

-Michael Thacker

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