Confronting The Chaos Of Being

The conscious awareness of the frailty and malevolence of being itself should not cause you to cower down in fear, but rather it should provoke the proclivity to engage with being courageously and faithfully. Only through the conscious act of courage and faith are we transformed into the ideal, into that call of being that God has called us to be since the beginning. It is through fear that are mode of being is extinguished into a state of utter uselessness.⁣

The perfect metaphorical story that represents such a notion is that of the nation of Israel and the crossing over the Jordan into the promised land. Because the first generation determined to live in fear, they were made to live out their existence in a state of wandering, that is a useless mode of being. Only through the courageous and faithful act of the second generation were they situated on a path that led them to the ideal.⁣

This story parallels that with our own life as we can either choose to cower down and wander about aimlessly in a useless mode of being. Or we can conduct ourselves properly with an intent in mind, aiming at the ideal and confronting the chaos of being itself. It is better to have aimed and missed than to have chosen to be aimless, and thus useless.

-Michael Thacker

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