Increase In Knowledge And Aim High

You can orient your perception properly by acquiring knowledge along with discernment. Apart from these two factors, you can only construe reality as what you want it to be rather than what it is.⁣
This notion is echoed several times throughout the book of proverbs and scripture itself. One such verse found in Proverbs 12 states the necessity of knowledge, and the repercussions of abstaining from such; “Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is stupid.”⁣⁣
Without acquiring knowledge along with discernment, one cannot orient themselves according to a higher aim as you only wander around aimlessly. The more knowledge and wisdom we can obtain, the better we can orient ourselves with the potential that surrounds us, and then contend with it and create something of immense value.⁣

-Michael Thacker

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