Beneath The Scope Of Politics

What we are currently witnessing throughout our nation and the world as a whole is much deeper than politics. The realm of politics are but the surface of something much more malevolent and corrupt, and this is what controls our politics, our media, and unfortunately, to some degree our minds. ⁣

What we are witnessing is that which is controlled by the hidden agenda that we are only able to catch glimpses of through the actions of the puppet like nature of politicians and media platforms. The puppeteers behind the scenes are those that are embedded within a secret society and that encompass the elites within the world; the Rothchilds, the Gates, the Clintons, the Bilderbergs, etc. All of which seek to implement the new world order, or better known as the system of the beast within the text of Revelations.⁣

Of course, these “elite” groups are but puppets themselves too as they pledge their allegiance to the higher realm of reality that encompasses our own, to the one who rebelled at the beginning; that is Lucifer himself. ⁣

All one has to do is take some time to do some research. Throughout the entertainment industry and the like, we see symbols of various kinds that stem from this “cult” of the elites, and unfortunately we also see many among the youth incorporating these symbols within their lives and social groups with little to no knowledge of their origins or implications. What can we do? Educate ourselves. Monitor and recognize what is being done throughout our political system, media and entertainment industry. We then must stand firm in our faith boldly and courageously, ready to contend with the forces of chaos in prayer and unison. ⁣

Only by the blood of Christ can we overcome, and overcome we will as long as we reorient ourselves properly and fill ourselves with the knowledge of what is occurring through scripture and research. If we walk about blindly and ignorantly, we are destined to fall into the pit that the elite and Lucifer himself so desperately desires us too. ⁣

Paul and Peter both sum this notion up rather well in their letters with the words of “being sober and vigilant and standing firm as the devil roams about seeking those that are asleep to the reality that surrounds them to consume them.” This notion of being sober is not only that referenced towards a type of intoxication through the means of mind-altering substances, which of course also include our phones and TV, but rather is a reference to the idea of being awake to what is going on and being ready to contend with it.

-Michael Thacker

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