Noah, The Flood And 10,000 BC

‪What evidence is there to support a proposed date of 10,000 BC for the time of Noah? ‬⁣

‪• Mass flooding worldwide from melting polar caps as a result of the end of last ice age. Several landmarks around the world went underwater after 10,000 BC, including that of the Persian Gulf, parts of Australia, certain structures including the giant underwater structure near Japan and prehistoric villages and towns. ‬⁣
‪• Gobekli Tepe- Neolithic temple located just 300 miles southwest of the mountains of Ararat that was used for animal sacrifice that consist of giant monolithic pillars dating to 10,000 BC that depict various animals that are not indigenous to the surrounding area.‬⁣
‪• The first evidence of fermented beverages appearing approximately 10,000 BC, which correlates with the first appearance of wine making proceeding the flood after Noah’s decent from the Mountains of Ararat. ‬⁣
‪• The extinction of several prehistoric animals around 10,000 BC, including Sabor Tooth Tigers and Wolly Mammoths. ‬⁣

More to come.⁣

-Michael Thacker

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