Properly Producing Unity Out Of Diversity

In order to produce unity from diversity, it is not rules or regulations that will bring it about as this only implies a certain type of tyrannical force that would only ultimately lose its influence and power and collapse. But, in the words of Christ Himself, unity is only accomplished by loving others as yourself as well as respecting diversity of gifts and perspectives. This is not to say we all have to agree with everything everyone states or believes, but rather that we respect their perspective as long as it is not detrimental to society as a whole. ⁣

The only means by which we can know how to love others properly is by first loving God with our entire being, which in turn helps us love ourselves in the aspect of who He has uniquely created us to be. When we come to love and value ourselves as children of God, we can then properly love and value others as well. ⁣

True love can only be expressed properly and authentically by viewing each person as having intrinsic value instilled within them. As soon as we begin to devalue another due to their racial, ethnic, gender, perspective, etc., we have done injustice, not only to those we have devalued, but to ourselves and society as well. ⁣

God has created us all in His image with intrinsic value instilled and a particular uniqueness that sets us apart. We were not created all to be exactly the same, but rather we were created with diversity in mind and it is our job to create unity from within the diversity, not forcefully but in love and respect. The more we value, respect and love others, the greater value we instill throughout society and the more unity is produced from the diversity.

-Michael Thacker

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