The True Solution To The Issue Of Racism In America

What has occurred in Minneapolis is of tragic proportions along with much of what we have witnessed throughout the years with much of racism still pervading throughout America. And yet, how does a society rid itself from such sinful behavior?

Some have suggested re-educating white people by implementing the notion of white privilege in which a person should feel bad about who God had created them to be as well as to what level of the social hierarchy they have been born in, and yet this suggestive tactic is absurd. Others have recommended that white people be more intergraded into the black community to help remove the bias presumptions.

Both suggestions miss the mark, though, as they lack the true cure that doesn’t just promote racism against white people or forcing them to like black people, but rather a cure that truly penetrates the heart of both the issue and individuals, not only on the white side of the racial spectrum but its entirety; that is Christ Himself.

A change in social structures begins at an individual level. If each individual, whether they be white, black, brown, or tie dye, were to seek out God with their entire being and called on God in the same manner as the Psalmist did, “Oh God, create in me a clean heart.” At this point, I firmly believe, we would see a radical transformation of individuals and social structures alike. Only by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit working in each individuals heart would we see, not a forceful or manipulative change, true and radical transformation.

We would see Christ and His love being the central theme of both people’s lives and society. We would see people not looking at the color of each others skin, but rather our hearts and actions. We would see the intrinsic value of each other in a radically new way as we all encourage each other and help each other become more Christ like. There would be no separation as we are all dwelling together in Christ like union with no bias and no hatred being found in our hearts.

If we want a true transformation in society it will not be through the means of law and order or by the manipulative means of “re-education,” but rather only through the cleansing of our sinful nature by the blood of Christ and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

-Michael Thacker

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