The Rising Chaos In Minneapolis

This type of behavior solves nothing but an increase of chaos. A set of acts that are rooted within resentment and retaliation rather than love and forgiveness. This is not to say that we should handle situations as such in a manner of naivety, but we should handle it rationally and intelligently in order to produce anything of value.

Radicalism is never the answer to a problem, but rather the schism to one. We must understand that racism and police brutality exist at every level of the racial spectrum, and while the radical left elevates only the black spectrum in order to benefit their radical political agendas, all races experience one form of assault or another.

The cure to this universal inequality? As I recommended yesterday, only through the means of love, forgiveness and the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of individuals can this be accomplished. No means of radical identity politics, manipulative re-education program, or forceful tactics will suffice, but only through a loving relationship with Christ can we peer past differences of each other and ultimately go on to make a difference in the world around us.

-Michael Thacker

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