The Rise Of A Corrupt Revolution

The dreadful fate of the future and the greatest threat to society is not from the threat of war, famines, or diseases. But rather that of ideologically possessed radical groups such as black lives matters and antifa. ⁣

These groups are seeking to influence and possess the fragile minds of the youth with thoughts of hatred, retaliation, anger and violence. This same type of philosophy that empowers these groups is what fueled the Russian Revolution and the rise of Stalin along with the mass executions and starvation of millions of his own people. ⁣

Playing group identity politics while targeting certain groups as “privileged” and of need of re-education according to the accusers radical ideology is absurd and extremely dangerous. I fear for my family as the radicals progress in their terror-like tactics to retaliate and radicalize the nation. ⁣

And yet, as I have stated several times prior, the only way in which we will see a radical transformation for the good within society is by the power of the Holy Spirit transforming the hearts and minds of each individual and the love of Christ radiating throughout the fabric of society itself. ⁣

No mere radical ideology or agenda will permeate the hardness of the human heart, but on the contrary, it will only increase the hardness and the desire to exterminate all those that are against their own agenda. ⁣

It is a time for mass prayer, not mass riots. It is a time for repentance and forgiveness, not resentment and retaliation. It is a time to look past the color of each other’s skin and into the intrinsic value embedded within every individual. It is a time to show love, mercy and grace rather than hatred, bitterness and violence. God is the only one that can heal this nation, and so it is time we turn to Him in humility and tears.

-Michael Thacker

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