The Power Of Ideas

Ideas can be overwhelmingly powerful. And with that power comes the potential to shape minds that go on to shape society. Although there is transforming potential within ideas, of what value they produce is deeply dependent upon the underlying nature and motives of the ideas. Precision of conceptualization of ideas and their outcome is of crucial importance. ⁣

If an idea is founded upon virtuous character and the aim to ameliorate a set of values in order to improve societies state of being, then the idea has the potential of immense value, not only for the individual or group that formulated the idea, but for all people. ⁣

But, if an idea is conceptualized with an underlying attitude of resentment and retaliation, then the results of the idea will more than likely be catastrophic for all people except those that conceptualized the idea. And this same thought process is what made manifest the execution and starvation of millions of people throughout the Soviet Union, China, and Nazi Germany. ⁣

YouTube: The Power Of Ideas

Deep thought and the proper aim is essential to formulating ideas that go on to produce value, not only for the conceptualizer, but for society as a whole. What we are currently witnessing are ideas that are inherently founded on a Marxist philosophy of resentment and retaliation, and of which produces only chaos and the potential cost of millions of lives. ⁣

To resolve an issue one must do proper research from all sides and not only that from a point of reference that helps justify their resentful behavior. Examining all levels of analysis can help shed greater light on an issue as well as manifest its proper resolution.

-Michael Thacker

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