The Collapse Of America

Nothing and no one is perfect. This evident fact goes for people, history, government, etc. What we are currently witnessing in our American society as well as throughout the world is not about racism at all, but rather about control by radical groups and their instantiation of their corrupted ideological framework.

Tearing down statues that are deemed “racist,” and yet are foundational to western society is a show of power to rewrite history with their own corrupted ideology. Those they deem as racist were the founders of our great country and western society itself.

Were they perfect people? No, of course not. My question to the radicals is, “Are you perfect?” The answer is simple-no, not even close. Perhaps according to their faulty ideal that is utterly incoherent with reality, but as to what we see in the streets and universities, we know that they are furthest from an ideal, universal moral standard.

These radicals have been spoiled by the same system they are trying to take down. Taking for granted the hard work and sacrifice of their forefathers, they seek to demolish this sacrifice for a “utopian” idea that is rooted in corruption and that has failed many times over.

The major difference between the men and women who founded our country and society was that they acted courageously against corruption, not immature children seeking to get everything they wanted. These men and women protected their fellow citizens, not harm them and burn their own towns down. These men and women stood against tyranny, not promote it. These men and women sought for the betterment of society according to the ultimate ideal presented by Christ, not for their own self interest.

Not only is history not perfect but it repeats itself as well. What is currently taking place has already been done in the Soviet Union where up to 50 million people died of starvation and through the means of execution.

Again we see the same scenario played out in China where some estimates of 100 million people were killed off.

Again we see these radical ideas manifest themselves in Venezuela where a once prosperous country came under the tyrannical reign of a dictatorship and where people are starving to death.

Again we see this corrupted ideological framework playing itself out in America-except this time it hasn’t become fully manifested and as Americans we still have the opportunity to stop it. Let us stand against the corruption and let democracy continue to reign.

-Michael Thacker

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