Nihilism’s Collapse Into Totalitarianism

From the time that German philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche announced the death of God in the late 19th century, we have seen an ever rapid moral decline of humanity. Over the past 100 years we have witnessed the increase in nihilism and the deterioration of civil society, and now we are witnessing the pinnacle of its modern day reign.

As history repeats itself time and time again, so we see this nihilistic behavior of ideologically possessed individuals escalating to the point of a complete collapse of America itself. This pattern of increase social discord occurred before in the Soviet Union with the Russian Revolution led by Lenin. And again it occurred in China during the Chinese Communist Revolution led by Mao. And again in Germany with the Nazi Revolution. All three occurrence took place during chaotic times where uncertainty loomed and nihilism reigned.

After these brief years of radical revolutions, nihilism soon collapsed upon itself to give rise to tyrannical order in which millions of lives were lost through the means of execution and starvation. The same underlying ideology that possessed these revolutions is the same that possess the radicals today. A bizarre blend of Marxism and Nazism are what make up this modern day revolution, and they only have one goal in mind; that is total control and the full implementation of their corrupted ideology upon society.

As Christians witnessing these chaotic forces of darkness work in our cities, we should feel compelled to not only pray for our nation and world, but to stand up against these tyrannical forces. We should be courageous in the face of evil and stand firm on the truth that holds us up.

We are not called to be passive, but to be bold and courageous. We are not called to be silent in times of uncertainty, but to proclaim the truth to the lost world around us. We are not called to applaud those that cause destruction under the guise of social justice warriors, but to inform ourselves about their true motives and denounce evil.

-Michael Thacker

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