The Necessity For Christian Men To Stand Courageously Against Tyranny

ATTENTION CHRISTIAN MEN: We are not call to be passive, but rather we are called to be courageous. We are not called to succumb to the demands of secular culture, but rather we are called to be stand against it. We are not called to love whatever the Christian church deems as good, but rather we are called to understand God’s word and love what He has called us to love.

Let’s look at the examples of men in scripture to fully grasp what we are called to be like. Abraham left home and ventured into the unknown to contend with the world. Moses stood up against Pharaoh and led God’s people out of bondage. Joshua led the army of Israel to combat and defeat the evil Canaanites. David stood up against the giant, Goliath, and overcame him and proceeded forward with his victory by removing his head. Christ rebuked the radicals of His day and is returning with a sword to slay the wicked. Paul stood up and rebuked the opposition of his day.

All of these men exhibited courage, faith, heart, strength and fierceness. And all these men were led by the Holy Spirit. The question you should ask yourself-where do you stand in comparison with these legendary followers of God? Are you passive or courageous? Are you a kind pushover or someone to contend with?

More than ever we need to stand against the radical groups seeking to possess our country with their corrupted ideology, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Are you ready to make a stand?

-Michael Thacker

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