The Profound Act Of Committing Sacrilege Against Contemporary Cultural Ideas:

When an individual questions the ideas nested within their contemporary culture, ideas that are held near and dear among the devote followers of that culture, the individual is then committing a type of sacrilege. And it seems to be the case that in order for an individual, as well as the existing culture, to awaken to greater heights of awareness and understanding, this type of cultural sacrilege must occur, especially if the evidence is against the contemporary cultural ideas which then ultimately pressures them into extinction.

Transformation is caused by pressure within and outside an individual, I would say first from an outside idea that contradicts the individual’s own idea of reality. And then within the individual as the new improved idea strikes their consciousness, and therefore elevates their consciousness to a new level of awareness and understanding of being itself.

This same pattern of transformation can also occur within a culture, whether it be secular or religious. Typically it begins through a perceived idea that is foreign to an existing cultural idea originating within an individual that then goes out and contends with the old idea that ultimately sends shockwaves throughout the existing culture. Of course, committing such sacrilege brings with it great temporal and enduring suffering, as the first is produced at the origination and proclamation of the new idea, and with it all the opposition that comes against it. And the latter from the newfound heightened state of consciousness that brings about a heightened sense of pain and suffering that are intrinsically embedded within nature, and with it a new heightened sense of responsibility.

A prime example of such individualistic and cultural transformations can be found within the story of Adam and Eve, as well as the lives and works of the fathers of the reformation. First, the story of Adam and Eve reveals to us how an elevated consciousness transforms the individual into a creature that is more aware as well as more aware of their vulnerability to the suffering intrinsic to nature. And this transformation did not only occur within the individual, but the culture, or world as it would be, too.

Second, the fathers of the reformation challenged the old ideas embedded within the Catholic Church with their new, profoundly innovative ideas that were first ridiculed by the existing culture until that were proven verifiable by the evidence embedded within scripture and throughout nature. And with this verifiability of the new ideas, the old ideas were made extinct. This extinction of the old ideas not only transformed the individuals within the existing culture, but the culture itself as well. And with this new heightened sense of awareness came the inexplicable heightened sense of suffrage, and that of responsibility.

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