The Serpent Of Radicalism

Once a society begins to devalue empirical data, and yet at the same time seeks to elevate their reprehensible ideologies as the ultimate truth that have no roots in reality; this form of radicalism has risen it’s serpent-like head has went on to poison the fragile minds of the masses.

At this moment, both the right and the left are pursuing such corruption through the possession of reprehensible ideologies like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and QAnon, all of which disregard empirical data. All three of these groups are out to promote division, lies, and to distract us from the actual truth, that is found in Christ Himself.

One group is rooted in Marxism and cries out against inequality while demeaning a group by calling them white privileged, contradicting their own proclamation of equal treatment. At the same time they state a belief in science, and yet desire to dismantle the nuclear family structure in American which has been empirically backed as being detrimental to children’s health and well-being.

Another group is rooted in fascism and proclaims mass voter fraud while at the same time proclaiming that the elites run the world and have a pedophile ring, and yet this statement is self-contradictory, as if the elites do run the world, then voting is delusional as they have already picked out their next leader to run the country.

For the left; a utopian society that promotes true equality while maintaining diversity can only be found within a society that is Christ centered, and not self centered.

For the right; Trump is not the savior, and the only storm coming is when Christ Himself appears in the clouds to gather His people and judge the world.

We are currently witnessing a great deception, do not be apart of the one’s that is deceived. Scripture tells us that Lucifer currently owns the world, that which is quite evident. But, we are called to stand against corruption, not through the means of politicians such as Trump, but through the power of Christ working in and through us. Stand and voice the truth, veer from ideological possession, and in the words of the movie “They Live,” put on the glasses and see the corruption for what it is and fight against it.

-Michael Thacker

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