The Near End Times: From The White House To The Globe

After much research, critical thought, and prayer, I believe what we are currently witnessing throughout both our nation and world is setting the stage for an internal civil war, along with a world war led by both China and Iran. Currently, Trump is denying concession while instigating mass protests that are steadily transforming into violence that could easily continue into a civil war. The nation has become radically polarized with both sides becoming possessed by false narratives and prophets.

All while this is going on internally, China’s leader Xi Jinping has once again stated explicitly to his military to be ready for imminent war. Iran has also went on to state last week, as well as several times throughout the year, that they are preparing to retaliate against the US and Iraq for last years assassination, Iraq being the precise location wherein the Sixth Trumpet War is to manifest, killing off a third of the world’s population. And with the control efforts and one world society being heavily pursued by the elite organizations, such as the World Health Organization, The UN, World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it is easy to see how all this might play itself out.

It seems quite evident that China deliberately released the Wuhan Institute of Virology that is partnered with both WHO and the UN. From the initial mask mandates to the vaccine passport, we can see how the elites have been programming us for the coming one world system and make of the beast. Thus far, this is how I see it unfolding; US erupts into a civil war with a weakened infrastructure while Iran attacks the US and sparks WW3, all of which clears the path for China to invade and take over not only the US, but the world as a whole.

From there, we can see the full implementation of a communist regime, the mandatory vaccinating and chip implants, and for those that do not adhere will be shipped off to “re-education” camps to either be beaten into submission, executed or starved to death. I am no prophet, I am only one who examines and assesses the data. I hope and pray that I am absolutely wrong; time will only tell. For now, let us stand firm in faith, pay attention, be prepared, pray for each other and the world as a whole, and continue to trust in the Lord. God bless.

-Michael Thacker

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