The Manifestations Of The Adversary

The adversary often times manifest himself through various means, that of hatred, anger, aggression, etc. And yet, the most popular, and perhaps the most destructive, is that of deception.
His primary goal is and has been to deceive humanity, one is the believe in the absence of God, but another is the believe that you are not valued by God if you happen to believe. He seeks to deceive you into perceiving yourself as worthless, and that the inspirations and dreams that God has instilled within your heart and mind are unattainable and unrealistic.

This particular form of deceit has hindered many from achieving what God has called them to achieve. And yet, the way in which we combat this deception is through continual connect with our Creator, and the rebuke and refusal to believe such deception. By setting your sights on the upper call of God for your life, along with refusal to acknowledge the adversary, the call, rather than the destructive force of the adversary, will manifest itself. Pay attention, aim high, and remain persistent.

-Michael Thacker

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