The Transforming Journey Into The Unknown

Only when we venture from our place of safety, that is the place of familiarity, and into the unknown, will we ascend and be transformed. In the book of Romans, Paul speaks about the idea of transformation through the “anakainosis”, or renewing, renovating of the mind. This process of renewal, of course, is not something of which transpires within the course of a day, but rather is a life long journey.

Embarking on this transformative journey is not accomplished merely through physical means, but is also psychological and spiritual in nature. A journey from the familiar into the unknown can be accomplished by simply engaging in a subject that is foreign to yourself, and that provides new information that can be embedded within your being.

This newly acquired information not only transforms your existing knowledge structure, but also transforms the way in which you perceive and act in the world. In the words of Christ, “Seek and you shall find”, so therefore venture where you least want to go, acquired the knowledge that lies within, and be transformed into something of greater utility and versatility.

-Michael Thacker

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