Transforming Our Perception Of The Composition Of The Body Of Christ

Throughout the years of my ministry work, I have been both encouraged and ridiculed. The latter is generally directed towards my pursuit, I would say, of the deeper things of God, of which my critics have made the proclamation and recommendation that I go to deep with my research and teachings, and that I should pursue a more generalized approach to ministry that appeases the masses.

Moreover, they also advise me to centralize solely upon that of scripture, all while leaving the sciences and philosophy far behind. And yet, how deep and profound is the God we worship? Is not this narrowed perception that which is playing a part in the departure of the younger generation?

What my critics are missing, I suppose, is that the body of Christ is diversed, not only among the backgrounds and ethnicity, but also in talents and their utilization thereof. In the words of the apostle Paul, we are not all called to be a hand or foot in the body, but rather all have unique areas of calling that is tailored to a particular ability that connects with a particular group of people; each part of the body contributing to the whole.

This concept of generalizing the call of God within the body that is proposed by my critics is both narrow in scope and unscriptural. The key to overcoming this certain perception is to first attain a better understanding of scripture, and then pray that God set within you a greater sense of empathy.

When we encounter a specific niche of ministry that is foreign to our current understanding, it is best to analyze the situation, and then pray for a better perception of what is transpiring. A rash conclusion based off your current knowledge structure is often times inaccurate, as well as a form of spiritual immaturity.

-Michael Thacker

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