Covid-19, Abortion, Choice, And The Adoption Of Responsibility

Proponents for abortion and Covid-19 vaccination seek to criticize those who use the term, “My body, my choice.” But are they the same thing and do they produce the same results?

Abortion deaths: 44 million annually worldwide

Heart Disease deaths: 18 million annually worldwide

Covid-19 deaths: indirect deaths worldwide-1.8 million annually.

Where does choice begin?

Abortion: at the moment of conception, and not the choice to murder babies.

Covid-19: everyday healthy living, and not being forced to breath in your own bodily fluids or take a bio-engineered vaccine.

What is the difference between Covid-19 vaccine choice and abortion choice?

Choice for Covid-19 protection begins by taking care of yourself properly; getting enough sleep, exercise, sunlight, antioxidants, etc. Choice for the abortion issue begins at the choice to sexually engage with another. And what right do you have to terminate a potential hero of the future because of your uncontrolled hormones? The diversion from responsibility does both the individual and the society the individual makes up no good.

Choice is what an individual initially chooses; the foundational choice, if you will. Having sexual relations with another person with the foreknowledge of the possible outcome is the choice that abortionists seek to skip over. Ending a life out of your own selfishness is reprehensible beyond belief.

Choosing to not live out a healthy lifestyle (the natural preventive measure) is a personal choice that an individual will have to live with along with its repercussions. Regardless of Covid, living an unhealthy lifestyle makes an individual susceptible to many life threatening issues, including that of heart disease, of which claims approximately 18 million lives annually. And yet, where is the demand from vaccine proponents to mandate people’s food consumption and lifestyle choices? 

The issue for both the vaccine and abortion lies within two areas; that of responsibility of the individual and the desire for the utopian society. Both of these areas are the real pandemic. 

Individual Responsibility:

78% of Covid related hospitalizations are obese. Nearly 95% of Covid related deaths were obese. And as many as 80% of Covid death patients were found to have low vitamin D levels. So why should I have to get a bio-engineered vaccine that has already claimed over 13,000 lives with the possibility of much more than that? 

These same people make the astounding claim that a person’s health and size shouldn’t matter as it is deemed offensive to confront people on an issue as such, and yet Covid and heart disease say otherwise. Too many contradictions among the pro-vaxxers and abortionists. 

The question at hand here is, “Why should I risk my own health, that which I seek to enhance each and every day, being subjected to something that is bio-engineered in a lab, as well as a mask that suppresses my immune system for people that chose to deteriorate their own health willfully?”

The argument to the previous question is that the vaccine helps stop the spread, and yet studies have shown that the vaccinated are spreading it more than the unvaccinated. Even with the vaccine people are being hospitalized and dying. And even with a decrease in symptoms while being vaccinated is no excuse to put something bio-engineered into your body.

What is a vaccine? An engineered preventative measure. And yet, there are natural preventative measures as well as mentioned at the beginning of this article. People who live healthy lifestyles are subjected to less noticeable symptoms and less likely to die from Covid.

And of course, at this point many like to point out when someone with no “underlying” conditions die, but that is not what I am referencing here. When someone is said to have no underlying conditions, that just means they have no underlying serious conditions that contributed to their death, and does not necessarily mean that they are healthy, at least not in the sense I am advocating here; what they consume, exercise they get, sunlight exposure, etc.

Most pro-vaxxer proponents seek to bypass individual responsibility for a quick fix solution such as vaccines. And of course this argument is also the same as pro-abortion proponents; skip responsibility at the fundamental level and end someone else’s life in order that it doesn’t interfere with your own. And for those that claim the rape/incest abortion rights, those of which only make up 1% of abortions, need to really revise their argument.

Am I saying that vaccines and other preventive measures unnecessary for the immune suppressed and elderly? Of course not, as my wife and I have our own personal experience with immune suppression during our daughters cancer treatments. But did we ask others to be vaccinated for our daughter’s sake? No. Did we ask them to be mindful when visiting? Yes. The rest was up to us and our faith in God; nothing is perfect and never will be until the return of Christ. Does this mean we should not do what we can to protect ourselves? If this question is still in question at this point, then I highly advise starting from the beginning to obtain your answer.

The Desired Utopia:

Beyond the uncanny devotion to dismantle individual responsibility, pro-vax mandate and abortion proponents alike seek to dismantle the idea of individual responsibility as apart of the tyrannical patriarchy, all while seeking to build a tyrannical utopian society filled with low IQ, thoughtless humans that are led about by their more primitive instincts. How safe is safe?

My age bracket for the CDC Covid related deaths in America is from age 25-34, wherein a total of approximately 2,500 people died in the first year of the pandemic. Now let’s compare that statistic with death by car accidents within the same age bracket; annual deaths from car accidents in the US from ages 25-35 is approximately 10,000. My age bracket total annual deaths between the novel Covid-19 virus and car accidents is 4 times greater.

Now, why would I get a bio-engineered vaccine? It stops the spread? No, vaccinated individuals have actually increased the spread of the Delta variant, and they are not only infecting un-vaccinated individuals at a rapid rate but their fellow vaccinated teammates.

If health and safety is of such concern to pro-vaccine politicians and their followers, then why don’t we stop driving cars and walk and take public transport, instead? Why don’t these overseers and their minions demand stores and restaurants provide only healthy options and force people to exercise more to help combat the heart disease pandemic? Because it impedes on freedom of personal choice? Isn’t that what people who refuse the vaccine claiming as well? Why don’t these same people tell obese individuals to start slimming down or they will be forced to do so? Again, impeding on individual freedom and highly offensive? And yet they are quick to tear someone down for not taking a bio-engineered vaccine for a virus that is mostly killing off those that are elderly, immune suppressed, or obese. See the contradictions?

What are the goals of most these proponents? As far as I can tell, Disney World. They are seeking a utopian society where everyone gets along and thinks the same, where no one questions anything, and where the dwarfs who follow secretively meet their demise. Conspiracy theory? Perhaps. And yet with much of biblical prophecy being fulfilled; the call for force vaccinations or one cannot travel, buy or sell; the World Economic Forum’s call for a Great Reset that has Marxist ideas embedded throughout; and sheer will of the people to blindly follow these overlords, the evidence seems quite compelling.

How many measures need to be taken to be safe in this world? How many more “safe places” need to be built to help shield an individual or group from someone else’s opinion? How many more people will be shutdown online for voicing their opinions that differ from the Big Tech overlords and their devote followers? How many more words will be ripped from the dictionary and people’s own mouths and minds before everyone is safe? How many more innocent babies should be sacrificed to the god of self desires and pleasures? Could the proponents of this utopia give an answer? The answer is ongoing and never ending because what they seek will not be found within the power of the elites nor anyone else on this earth, but only through one man, Jesus Christ and His coming kingdom. Without Christ there is no hope.

The real solution to the problem? Get healthy, help those that need help, take responsibility, trust in the Lord, and continue in prayer.

-Michael Thacker

YouTube Channel: Michael Thacker

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