Directed Potential

Potential is deeply embedded within your being, and this potential also interacts with the potential that is embedded within our space-time continuum we inhabit. Both potentials exist within a wave-like state, and both are only activated into a particle-like state, that is of a tangible fabric of potential contention, through the act of conscious observation; that is the act of attention.

This bizarre potential/observational activation sequence is evident within quantum theory, wherein experiments have revealed that the existence of reality as such is not activated except through the active observation and interaction of a conscious observer. Through this observational/interactive mode of being, the universe begins to manifest itself, and the potential future becomes a momentous reality.

If you seek to activate your own potential into an objective state of being, you must then gaze your attention away from the distractions that disconnect you from both your potential and the actualization thereof. And rather you should seek to put forth full effort into our attentive conscious perception to harness the divine power of potential into prospective, habitable order.

-Michael Thacker

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