The Antidote To Tragedy

With the much desire for change, that which the left believes should be accomplished at the gun control level, is but a simplified analysis and solution to the problem. The root of the issue is embedded within the culture of society and the heart of the individual. What we have been and are witnessing is the trend of an atheistic/nihilistic worldview that promotes meaninglessness, which, of course, promotes reprehensible acts as what has been displayed this week and numerous other times.

If people so desire change as they claim, then seek to teach your children about Christ, and instill within them the values that support a sustainable society instead of what gender or sexuality they so desire with little conscience choice. Teach them to value life, and to love and respect others as having intrinsic value.

What we have witnessed thus far is the result of the aftermath of the secularization of western culture beginning in the 1960’s, and it is only becoming worse. Christ is the antidote, and only a society and culture that humbly bows before him will reap the benefits. God bless all those affected by this tragedy and the numerous others that preceded it.

-Michael Thacker

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