Redefining Success

The proclivity for people to relate success to that of wealth or fame can be demonstrated through surveys and the sheer willingness to nearly worship individuals that fall within this stratum. And yet, is this a proper way in which to define success? Webster’s dictionary defines success as a “degree or measure of succeeding,” or “the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.” Although this definition is part and partial of what defines success, there is still much more to it. The proper definition of success can be broken down into the utilization of five different factors, including IQ, personality, health and well-being, charity, and influence. When each factor is utilized properly, and then examined altogether and not in isolation, this overall summation is and should be what constitutes success.

If we solely examine an individual’s wealth attainment or career success, this can only shed light on what would be constituted as isolated success and not the full scope of overall success. When one examines the factors of wealth and fame, it can be easily concluded that these factors are but mere byproducts of an overarching configurations of other factors embedded within an individual’s being that are utilized properly and have produced other attractive surface features that are indicative of success. And thus, a thorough examination of each factor is key in understanding not only what success is, but how one may go about achieving it in their life.

When one seeks to utilize and maximize their potential regardless of what level within the IQ domain they dwell, they can do wonders within their careers, family life, and the lives of others by exemplifying how the maximization of their ability can do, and this is one of the key factors in what constitutes success. In our modern culture where sensitivity is part of the higher calling of the “greater good,” most desire not to speak of such things as IQ. And yet, this measurable feature of psychology is of great value for both the individual and society as it helps guide the individual to a proper domain of expertise tailored towards their particular level of IQ that is both not too challenging, as to destroy their perception of self-worth, but not too effortless as to drive one into stagnation and depression. This finely tuned tool of guidance not only benefits the individual utilizing it accurately, but whenever the individual is thriving so does the society that the individual makes up. This sensitivity to IQ measurements in which our modern culture cling onto is but a misperception of what IQ can do for the individual and society alike. With some benefits already being presented here, there is also the benefit of one utilizing their IQ regardless of the finalized measurement.

Personality is the next key factor in attaining success when an individual seeks to utilize their personality type by using the Big Five model; openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. This personality assessment, alongside their level of IQ, can help situate an individual, not only in a particular domain that utilizes their IQ, but it also helps narrow the scope of expertise even further by placing the individual in a specific area of interest that correlates with both their personality and IQ level. This helps maximize their potential even more, and ultimately benefits themselves and society as a whole. This again is a vital factor of the constitution and attainment of success.

Next, one needs to utilize their overall health and well-being to help them operate effectively and efficiently at their career, family life, school, leisure time, etc. Regardless of what type of ailments one may possess, it is of vital importance to utilize one’s health as much as possible through proper diet, exercise, meditation, and other forms of activity that promotes good health both physically and mentally. Seeking out and discovering various ways to tap into an individual’s physical and mental potential can help maximize chances of progressing further in whatever endeavor one engages in, and thus contributing to their overall pathway of success.

Charity is another important factor that makes up the definition of overall success. The type of charity that is being referenced here is not accomplished solely through the means of financial contributions, but is also attained through the practice of kindness and love by helping others with certain duties or crisis situations. One can also seek to partake in relief programs, mission trips, and volunteer at a hospital or homeless shelter. Even little gestures of charity such as opening the door for others, helping someone that dropped items, acting politely towards others in public spaces are all acts of charity. Establishing relationship with others is another means of charity as one engages with another in an encouraging and supporting manner, which then helps regulate each person’s nervous system and emotional state of being, and thus act and function efficiently in the world. These acts of charity help others operate properly in the world, and thus helps society operate efficiently and effectively do to an individual’s acts of charity which contribute their overall success and the success of others.

The final factor of success is that of Influence. As one puts together the previous factors mentioned, and they climb up the ladder of success, the potential for greater influence over others increases. With this increased influence, an individual can utilize its potential to help contribute to the greater good of humanity. There are various ways of accomplishing this utilization, and much of this depends on how much and what type of influence one possesses, and thus it will take some research and contemplating to maximize the efforts. In a generalized perspective, ways of influence can be accomplished through means of simple gestures, or more complex acts such as speaking events or books. Everyday people are influenced in one way or another by others higher up the dominance hierarchy through means of TV, books, articles, etc., and these influences often make an impact on the recipient that encourages them to move forthrightly into the world and make something of themselves. This action towards success for the recipient is not only attributing to their success, but for the perpetrator, too.

Each factor contributes to one’s overall success when utilized and maximized properly. These factors not only help the individual orient and move towards success, but also to surrounding persons and more. By utilizing these factors, one is maximizing their potential instilled within them and projecting it out into the world to make a difference, starting with their own home to their community and beyond. And this well rounded approach of the utilization and maximization of one’s potential along with its effect on others, is the proper definition of what constitutes success.

-Michael Thacker

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