Identified Flying Objects by Michael P. Masters

A brilliant work and intriguing read by biological anthropologist, Dr. Michael Paul Masters. Years of research and investigative work from various scientific fields compacted within one book. From the evolutionary background of human origins to the potential evolutionary trajectory of the human lineage to the technological capabilities that we may attain and utilize in that potential future, all of which is accompanied by the empirical, observational and testimonial evidence to support this future potential scenario.

This is by far one of the best cases made for the potential existence of Grey aliens, and what they may be and where (or when) they may originate from. Each chapter provides great insight into our evolutionary past and how we developed into the more intelligent creatures we are today, and how rare this evolutionary pathway might be throughout the universe. It also goes on to explain how this evolutionary trajectory, according to past and current trends, might someday lead us to develop into gray-like entities with technological capabilities that allow for time travel into the past.

Masters does a phenomenal job of diverting from any type of personal bias, and instead keeps his attention strictly on the accumulative evidence from the various scientific disciplines, as well as personal encounters with these gray-like entities to help shed light on what they may be and why they continue to visit. He approaches his own work with skepticism while maintaining a certain level of open mindedness to the possibilities of what the future of humanity may produce both biologically and technologically. This book is sure to enlighten all from the skeptic to the open minded.

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