The Ascending Christian

What have we lost in the modern day church that our ancestors exceeded at? The process of transformation/ascension. Time and time again we find the notion of transformation being exhorted within the New Testament, from the teachings of Christ through the latter books of the apostles. And yet, the modern day church has failed to … Continue reading The Ascending Christian

Where Is God?

Two and a half years ago my wife and I found out our daughter had ALL Leukemia. I vividly remember the moment of this knowledge administration with it's ultimately terrifying sensation that vibrated throughout our bodies and minds. More terror and anxiety were to come as they began to explain what the next two years … Continue reading Where Is God?

Times In The Wilderness

We all go through times in the wilderness where chaos abounds and the way seems unclear, but during these wilderness experiences we can find growth and renewal that ultimately leads us to the forest of possibilities that lie ahead. Don’t give up, keep trekking until you find your forest. -Michael Thacker