Are You Properly Feeding Your Dream?

Are you properly feeding your dream God has instilled within your heart? Are you perpetually asking, seeking and knocking? Are you utilizing the time and resources God has provided you? -Michael Thacker

The Transforming Journey Into The Unknown

Only when we venture from our place of safety, that is the place of familiarity, and into the unknown, will we ascend and be transformed. In the book of Romans, Paul speaks about the idea of transformation through the “anakainosis”, or renewing, renovating of the mind. This process of renewal, of course, is not something … Continue reading The Transforming Journey Into The Unknown

The Pursuit Of Peace

Peace is often obtained, not in the pleasant pursuit of agreeableness, but in the active contentions of the individual, whether inside themselves, or out in the existing culture. And this is a physical representation of the mythological hero; be the hero. -Michael Thacker

The Transformative Power Of Encountering The Unknown

A radically new theory of evolution that has been conjured up over the past decade or so by Lynne Isbell, suggests that snakes were the root component that enabled us to increase our vision and enlarge our brains over the course of the past 100 million years. Snakes were a constant threat to the survival … Continue reading The Transformative Power Of Encountering The Unknown

The Art Of Transformation

Only by engaging in the unknown, and facing your dragon can you experience true renewal and transformation. When we remain in our realm of comfort, we become conformed to a pattern of stagnation. The conceptualization of renewal that the apostle Paul proposed is only accomplished when we move beyond our pattern of normality, and … Continue reading The Art Of Transformation