The Transforming Journey Into The Unknown

Only when we venture from our place of safety, that is the place of familiarity, and into the unknown, will we ascend and be transformed. In the book of Romans, Paul speaks about the idea of transformation through the “anakainosis”, or renewing, renovating of the mind. This process of renewal, of course, is not something … Continue reading The Transforming Journey Into The Unknown

The Examination Past Wisdom

Examination of the past not only provides you with a euphoric sense of both admiration, and sometimes, that of disgust. But it also manifest within it wisdom that, when utilized properly, can be of immense value and utility. This wisdom is not only discovered in past failure, but also in the most reverenced of times … Continue reading The Examination Past Wisdom

Ascending Through Stressors

Stressors in life are often times beacons of information that speak volumes, containing within them the ancient wisdoms that are both enlightening and transformative. Do not allow stressors to nullify your mode of being in the world, but rather utilize them to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. -Michael Thacker

Times In The Wilderness

We all go through times in the wilderness where chaos abounds and the way seems unclear, but during these wilderness experiences we can find growth and renewal that ultimately leads us to the forest of possibilities that lie ahead. Don’t give up, keep trekking until you find your forest. -Michael Thacker